TM Tecnomatic Srl Venturi cone-meters are manufactured to meet stringent industry standards and safety guidelines and are designed to meet the end users expectations. This family of products represents all that is beneficial about modern designs!

All our products are designed using DFM (Design For Manufacture) and DFA (Design For Assembly) techniques. This has resulted in products differentiated by their simplicity, reduced level of complex parts, and consequently provide the end user with a product that is remarkably simple to use, and is virtually maintenance free.

The "Venturi cone-meter" product range has been rationalised to the extent that we can offer significantly reduced lead times on this range.

The Venturi cone-meter can be installed into horizontal or vertical lines. Special wall taps are used for the vertical upflow condition. Each product has been fully FEA (Finite Element Analysis) tested at design stage ensuring maximum safety to the user and the system. Upon product assembly, each product is fully pressure tested to satisfy industry safety, European pressure guidelines and product expectations.
  • Extremely durable, precision machined cone element.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Repeatability of +/-0.1% or better.
  • Flow Ranges of 10:1 or higher.
  • Compact space saving design.
  • Accuracy up to +/-0.5%, with calibration.
  • Exotic Materials for demanding service
  • Super Duplex, Inconel, 254SMO.
  • High Pressure solutions (10,000PSI).
  • Wide Temperature ranges.
  • Stainless Internals as standard
  • Custom lengths and pressure taps are available.
  • Wide range of pipe sizes and end connections are available.