Venturi Tubes are used for measurement of flows when is important to keep the net pressure permanent loss at a minimum.
They are noted for their long life, their flow coefficent stability, and their ability to provide a dependable relationship between differential pressure and fluid velocity.
They return from 75% up to 95% of the velocity head depending on diffuser outlet cone angle.


Non-truncated type
Conical divergent outlet not truncated

Conical divergent outlet truncated at 65%
Conical divergent outlet diffuser angle
Outlet Angle from 7 to 15 depend on required pressure loss recovery
One piece Type by forging
For sizes from 2" to 8". Can be supplied with or without piezometer rings
Welding-in insert type
For sizes from 4" to 24".
For high pressure, temperature and velocity applications.
Supplied with or without flow-section.
Insert fabricated type
For sizes from 10" and above.
Manufactured from welding sheet.
Supplied with or without flow section.
Fabricated type
For sizes from 10" ad up.
Manufactured by welding sheet.
Can be supplied with or without piezometer rings.
Rigidity of the body is obtained by the use of longitudinal stiffeners. Connections can be flanged or beveled For direct welding to the line.