Thermocouples are the temperature sensing elements most widely used throughtout industry for temperature measurements.
Their inherent simplicity and low cost together with good characteristics of accuracy and reproductibility, make them precious and handy tools to answer the many challenging proble, encountered in modern producing Processes.
TM thermocouple assemblies are produced in a wide variety of design to fit pratically all applications.

Complete Thermocouple Unit Includes
Sensing Element (thermocouple)
Insulating terminal block
Terminal connecion head
Extension nipple or union
Thermowell or protecting tube
Thermocouples types
Type E (Chromel-Constntan)
Type J (Iron-Constantan)
Type K (Chromel-Alumel)
Type R (Platinum/13% Rhodium Platinum)
Type S (Platinum/10% Rhodium Platinum)
Type T (Copper-Constantan)
Type B (Platinum 30% Rhodium - Platinum 6% Rhodium)
Type C (Tungsten 5% Rhenium - Tungsten 26% Rhenium)
Type N ( Nicrosil - Nisil)

Standard Hot or Measuring Junctions
Exposed junction
Thermocouple wire are but welded. Insulation is sealed against liquid or gas penetration. Recomended where fast response is desired and corrosive conditions are non existent.

Grounded junction
End is welded, with the wires welded securely into the closure end of the sheath, becoming an integral part of the Weld. Recomended in presence of liquid, moisture, gas or high pressure. The wire is protected from corrosive or erosive conditions.

Ungrounded junction
Thermocouple hot junction is fully insulated from welded sheat end. Excellent for electrical applications where stray emf's would affect the reading and for frequent or rapid temperature cycling.